Top 50 negative sentences in the present tense - 100+ simple, interrogative, negative Sentences in English

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Top 50 negative sentences in the present tense

Top 50 negative sentences in the present tense:

1. I don't go to the gym every morning.
2. She doesn't teach English at the university.
3. We don't live in a busy neighborhood.
4. They don't play soccer on Saturdays.
5. He doesn't love to cook Italian food.
6. The sun doesn't rise in the west.
7. Cats don't sleep much during the day.
8. The train doesn't arrive at 9 AM.
9. It doesn't snow in the summer.
10. My parents don't own a large business.
11. Birds don't swim in the lakes.
12. I don't work from the office.
13. She doesn't speak five languages fluently.
14. Dogs aren't nocturnal animals.
15. The Earth doesn't orbit around the moon.
16. We don't have a family picnic every month.
17. He doesn't enjoy reading science fiction.
18. The bus doesn't stop here.
19. I don't play the violin.
20. She doesn't wear a green dress today.
21. They don't visit their grandparents regularly.
22. Water doesn't freeze at 50 degrees Celsius.
23. We don't swim in the desert.
24. The store doesn't close at 8 AM.
25. He doesn't exercise at the gym every evening.
26. She doesn't drive a blue car.
27. The cat doesn't sleep on the roof.
28. I don't drink coffee in the morning.
29. It doesn't get dark early in summer.
30. They don't have three children.
31. We don't watch horror movies.
32. The computer doesn't work properly.
33. The sun doesn't set in the east.
34. He doesn't read a newspaper every day.
35. We don't celebrate Halloween with costumes.
36. She doesn't wear contact lenses.
37. The team doesn't practice on weekends.
38. I don't know how to dance.
39. It doesn't cost much.
40. We don't take the subway to work.
41. She doesn't listen to calassical music before bedtime.
42. They don't live in a modern apartment.
43. The cat doesn't catch birds in the garden.
44. I don't visit my relatives often.
45. He doesn't like extremely spicy food.
46. We don't play chess on Sundays.
47. She doesn't brush her teeth before bed.
48. It doesn't smell bad in the kitchen.
49. We don't hike in the desert.
50. The flowers don't bloom in winter. 
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