100 sentences in interrogative present continuous tense - 100+ simple, interrogative, negative Sentences in English

Friday, December 29, 2023

100 sentences in interrogative present continuous tense

100 sentences in interrogative present continuous tense
100 sentences in interrogative present continuous tense.

What is interrogative present continuous tense?
The interrogative present continuous tense is a grammatical structure used to form questions about actions that are happening at the present moment or around the current time. This tense is also known as the present progressive tense. The key feature of interrogative sentences in the present continuous tense is the inversion of the subject and the auxiliary verb to be.

Am/is/are + subject +  verb + ing + the rest of the sentence.?

Are You learning a new language?.
Subject: You
Verb: are learning
Object: a new language
Sure, here are 100 sentences in the interrogative present continuous tense:

1. Are you studying for the test?
2. Is she working on a project?
3. Are they playing soccer in the park?
4. Is he watching TV right now?
5. Are we going to the movies later?
6. Is it raining outside?
7. Are you listening to music?
8. Is she cooking dinner?
9. Are they visiting their grandparents?
10. Am I interrupting you?
11. Is he driving to work today?
12. Are we meeting at the cafe?
13. Is it snowing in your city?
14. Are you wearing a blue shirt?
15. Is she taking a dance class?
16. Are they coming to the party tonight?
17. Is he reading a book?
18. Are we discussing the new project?
19. Is it getting dark outside?
20. Are you playing video games?
21. Is she practicing the piano?
22. Are they going on vacation?
23. Am I missing something important?
24. Is he helping with the chores?
25. Are we going for a walk?
26. Is it becoming colder?
27. Are you enjoying the concert?
28. Is she talking on the phone?
29. Are they working late tonight?
30. Is he attending the conference?
31. Are we having a meeting tomorrow?
32. Is it worth watching?
33. Are you waiting for someone?
34. Is she taking a nap?
35. Are they playing board games?
36. Am I bothering you?
37. Is he running a marathon?
38. Are we finishing the project today?
39. Is it smelling good in the kitchen?
40. Are you learning a new language?
41. Is she taking a yoga class?
42. Are they buying a new car?
43. Is he wearing a hat today?
44. Are we exploring new places?
45. Is it shining bright outside?
46. Are you volunteering for the event?
47. Is she writing a letter?
48. Are they studying abroad?
49. Am I dreaming right now?
50. Is he solving a puzzle?
51. Are we visiting the museum?
52. Is it sounding like a good idea?
53. Are you planning a surprise?
54. Is she attending the concert?
55. Are they adopting a pet?
56. Is he helping with the decorations?
57. Are we swimming in the pool?
58. Is it smelling like flowers?
59. Are you cycling to work?
60. Is she practicing mindfulness?
61. Are they starting a new business?
62. Am I wearing the right shoes?
63. Is he presenting at the conference?
64. Are we discussing the latest news?
65. Is it raining cats and dogs?
66. Are you exploring the city?
67. Is she playing a musical instrument?
68. Are they planting a garden?
69. Am I running out of time?
70. Is he trying a new recipe?
71. Are we attending the workshop?
72. Is it taking too long?
73. Are you helping with the cleanup?
74. Is she studying for the exam?
75. Are they building a new house?
76. Am I talking too fast?
77. Is he solving a math problem?
78. Are we hiking in the mountains?
79. Is it snowing heavily?
80. Are you trying a new restaurant?
81. Is she working on her laptop?
82. Are they participating in the marathon?
83. Am I making a good impression?
84. Is he painting a picture?
85. Are we singing in the choir?
86. Is it smelling like fresh coffee?
87. Are you volunteering at the shelter?
88. Is she creating a new artwork?
89. Are they running a marathon?
90. Am I reading a good book?
91. Is he fixing the car?
92. Are we planning a surprise party?
93. Is it sounding interesting?
94. Are you making a difference?
95. Is she knitting a sweater?
96. Are they practicing mindfulness?
97. Am I writing a poem?
98. Is he conducting an experiment?
99. Are we attending a live concert?
100. Is it feeling comfortable?

More sentences-

101. Are you teaching a class?
102. Is she rehearsing for a play?
103. Are they playing chess?
104. Is he running a marathon?
105. Are we solving a puzzle together?
106. Is it raining heavily?
107. Are you wearing a new perfume?
108. Is she completing the assignment?
109. Are they renovating their house?
110. Am I wearing the right colors?
111. Is he fixing the computer?
112. Are we preparing for the meeting?
113. Is it snowing outside?
114. Are you meeting someone for lunch?
115. Is she creating a new recipe?
116. Are they playing a video game?
117. Is he participating in a competition?
118. Are we planting flowers in the garden?
119. Is it smelling like fresh bread?
120. Are you helping with the community event?
121. Is she finishing her novel?
122. Are they attending a workshop?
123. Is he building a model airplane?
124. Are we planning a surprise trip?
125. Is it thundering outside?
126. Are you learning a musical instrument?
127. Is she volunteering at the hospital?
128. Are they practicing yoga?
129. Am I making a mistake?
130. Is he developing new software?
131. Are we launching a new product?
132. Is it sounding like a great plan?
133. Are you attending a lecture?
134. Is she working on a sculpture?
135. Are they adopting a pet from the shelter?
136. Is he playing a prank on someone?
137. Are we exploring a new hiking trail?
138. Is it shining brightly in the sky?
139. Are you contributing to the charity?
140. Is she trying a new workout routine?
141. Are they performing in a play?
142. Am I helping with the household chores?
143. Is he creating a documentary?
144. Are we painting the walls?
145. Is it smelling like a barbecue?
146. Are you participating in a marathon?
147. Is she editing a video?
148. Are they learning a new dance?
149. Is he taking a photography class?
150. Are we setting up a new business?
151. Is it drizzling outside?
152. Are you writing a blog post?
153. Is she organizing an event?
154. Are they playing a board game?
155. Is he starting a fitness program?
156. Are we taking a road trip?
157. Is it getting warmer?
158. Are you attending a seminar?
159. Is she learning a new language?
160. Are they starting a book club?
161. Am I participating in a survey?
162. Is he composing a song?
163. Are we arranging a surprise party?
164. Is it smelling like a flower garden?
165. Are you helping with the school project?
166. Is she attending a webinar?
167. Are they running errands?
168. Is he practicing meditation?
169. Are we making a reservation?
170. Is it feeling crowded?
171. Are you taking a break?
172. Is she presenting at a conference?
173. Are they hiking in the mountains?
174. Is he developing a new app?
175. Are we playing a video game together?
176. Is it thunderstorming outside?
177. Are you creating a scrapbook?
178. Is she conducting an experiment?
179. Are they learning a new instrument?
180. Am I feeling okay?
181. Is he repairing the roof?
182. Are we joining a fitness class?
183. Is it raining cats and dogs?
184. Are you trying a new recipe?
185. Is she swimming in the pool?
186. Are they starting a podcast?
187. Is he attending a workshop?
188. Are we biking in the park?
189. Is it snowing lightly?
190. Are you participating in a quiz?
191. Is she building a sandcastle?
192. Are they creating a mural?
193. Is he helping with the harvest?
194. Are we attending a live concert?
195. Is it smelling like fresh cookies?
196. Are you practicing mindfulness?
197. Is she organizing a charity event?
198. Are they playing hide and seek?
199. Is he volunteering at the food bank?
200. Are we exploring a new city?

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