Present simple top 50 sentences in english - 100+ simple, interrogative, negative Sentences in English

Thursday, December 28, 2023

Present simple top 50 sentences in english

present simple top 50 sentences in English

Here are 50 examples of sentences in the present simple tense-

1. I go to school every day.
2. She works in an office.
3. The sun rises in the east.
4. They play tennis on weekends.
5. We live in a big city.
6. He likes to read books.
7. Cats sleep a lot.
8. The train departs at 8 AM.
9. It rains in winter.
10. My parents own a bakery.
11. Birds sing in the morning.
12. We eat dinner at 7 PM.
13. She speaks three languages.
14. Dogs bark loudly.
15. I enjoy watching movies.
16. The Earth revolves around the sun.
17. We have a meeting on Mondays.
18. He teaches English at a school.
19. The bus arrives at 3 PM.
20. It snows in December.
21. I play the guitar.
22. She always wears a red dress.
23. They visit their grandparents regularly.
24. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.
25. We swim in the pool.
26. The store opens at 9 AM.
27. He exercises every morning.
28. She owns a black car.
29. The cat sleeps on the couch.
30. I drink coffee in the morning.
31. It gets dark early in winter.
32. They have two children.
33. We watch TV in the evening.
34. The computer works perfectly.
35. The sun sets in the west.
36. He reads the newspaper daily.
37. We celebrate birthdays with cake.
38. She wears glasses for reading.
39. The team practices twice a week.
40. I know how to swim.
41. It costs $10.
42. We take the bus to work.
43. She listens to music before bedtime.
44. They live in a small house.
45. The cat catches mice.
46. I visit my grandparents often.
47. He doesn't like spicy food.
48. We play soccer on Saturdays.
49. She brushes her teeth before bed.
50. It smells delicious in the kitchen.

These sentences cover a variety of subjects and activities, showcasing the use of the present simple tense in different contexts.

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